Vienna Schnell

We have a new exchange student from Ausrtalia. Here are a few words about Vienna Schnell:

– I went to school at Iona Presentation College, and graduated in November 2013. It was an all girls school.
– Here I’m attending Borgå Gymnasium and taking subjects such as German, sports, geography, Swedish and mathematics.
– My hobbies include sports such as long distance swimming and running, but I like playing team sports as well!
– I arrived in Finland mid-January and will be staying for a full year, so until mid January 2015.
– After exchange I want to study architecture or engineering at university.
– I come from Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, population 2 million.
– It has lovely beaches and Sunny weather almost all the time!
– What I like about Finland: I love the difference in the seasons, something we don’t get in Australia. My favourite place to spend time is in the forest or exploring the nature here.