Youth Exchange

ungdomsutbyte_logoThe most important format of the youth exchange  is the exchange year abroad -programme. In this format the young adult, usually from first grade in upper secondary school gets an opportunity to spend a whole school year in some European, American or Asian school providing youth education.When a young person has several hostfamilies under the exchange year it gives the perfect opportunity to discover a foreign country´s culture and everyday life. The local Rotary Clubs offer the young person good program and fieldtrips to eg. culturesights. Every clubmember is responsible for making the exchange student feel welcome. In the exchange year -programme the students are provided with reliable hostfamilies, a safe journey, schooling before the trip and a short orientationperiod in the destinationcountry before moving in with the hosting family.


For who?

The exchange year -programme is usually ment for 16 to 18 year olds. The receiving country has their own agelimits which can be found in this table (unfortunately not in english). The agelimit means the age of the exchange student in the beggining of the exchange year. The Finnish students exchange year starts in August and ends in July.



When can I apply?

The application period to next yers exchange year starts the previous fall. We will inform you when this will be current.


We offer

Our clubs aim is to offer two young people annually a chance to attend an exchange year. The club receives in return two foreign young people. We have two exchange students at the moment, one in Australia (blog) and one in Brasil.


More info

More information can be found here.


Local contactperson

Robert Haglund, robert.haglund(at)


Exchange students tell about their experiences


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